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State Of The Democratic Race State Of The Democratic Race
Post Super Tuesday analysis by Electomatic gives you the current state of the democratic race after an exciting night of voting. Super Tuesday came... State Of The Democratic Race

Post Super Tuesday analysis by Electomatic gives you the current state of the democratic race after an exciting night of voting.

Super Tuesday came an went. Hillary Clinton grabbed 7 wins whilst her competitor Bernie Sanders ran away with 4 victories. That may sound close. But essentially the race is over. Hillary Clinton has a commanding lead in delegates – with or without democratic superdelegates – and basically cant be caught unless a political earthquake happens.

Bernie Sanders did in fact do fairly well on Super Tuesday. He won a resounding home win in Vermont and grabbed wins in Colorado, Minnesota and Oklahoma too. That is actually better than expected based on polls. But still falls way short of being on track to win. For starters he lost in Massachuchetts, a state he should have won big. The State Of The Democratic Race is basically settled on Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton won the south. With little competition. She grabbed 7 victories total. Most of them much bigger wins in terms of %s and delegates than Bernie Sanders managed. In reality she has won.

State Of The Democratic Race

Hillary Clinton has won in all but mathematical theory. She is further ahead than Barack Obama ever was in 2008 – against her. And the calendar ahead shows no obvious opportunities for Bernie Sanders to catch up. Bernie will likely keep pulling a win here and there, but given the proportional awarding of democratic delegates he would need blowouts in several state to make up ground. It will not happen.

So – should Hillary Clinton call for Bernie Sanders to withdraw from the race?

Definitely not! It is very much in Hillary Clintons interest to keep Bernie Sanders in the race. If he drops out she will have nobody to debate, no reason for the media to follow the democratic primaries, no news cycles of the candidates debating. To keep in the spotlight, keep the excitement alive and keep sharpening the arguments it is essential to keep Bernie Sanders competing.

And Bernie Sanders is in fact the perfect competitor in many ways. He is old and idealistic but never attacks her personally or with any level of political venom. He debates the issues. Rallies his troops and keeps the democratic side rolling. On top he has plenty of his own funds that he uses on democratic advertising on the issues – no negative ads or personal attacks on Hillary Clinton. It really could not be better for Hillary Clinton and if it starts looking like he might drop out, she really should sit down with Bernie Sanders and convince him to keep running – until endorsing her in May or June.

From now on it is all about the general election for Hillary Clinton. She needs to work on the youth vote that she has lost to Sanders. She needs to work on low income and low education voters that might be tempted by Donald Trump. She needs to work on improving her approval rating which isnt that much better than Donald Trumps. There is plenty to do. But it is all about the november general election.

Hillary Clinton - Democratic Campaign 2016

Hillary Clinton By Gage Skidmore

Super Tuesday 2016 – Democratic Results

Alabama Democratic Primary
Hillary Clinton 
Bernie Sanders 19.2%

Arkansas Democratic Primary
Hillary Clinton 66
Bernie Sanders 29.7% 

Colorado Democratic Caucus
Bernie Sanders 58.9%
Hillary Clinton 

Georgia Democratic Primary
Hillary Clinton 71.3
Bernie Sanders 28.2

Massachusetts Democratic Primary
Hillary Clinton 50.1
Bernie Sanders 48.7

Minnesota Democratic Caucus
Bernie Sanders 61.6
Hillary Clinton 38.4

Oklahoma Democratic Primary
Bernie Sanders 51.9
Hillary Clinton 41.5

Tennessee Democratic Primary
Hillary Clinton 66.1
Bernie Sanders 32.4

Texas Democratic Primary
Hillary Clinton 65.2
Bernie Sanders 33.2

Oklahoma Democratic Primary
Bernie Sanders 86.1
Hillary Clinton 13.6

Bernie Sanders Supporters in Iowa 2016

Bernie Sanders Supporters in Iowa 2016 By Max Goldberg


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