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Political satire is as old as politics itself. We love poking fun at the powers that be. With the coming of the internet a tsunami of homemade political satire, caricatures of political figures and homemade infographics ranging from the bizarrely biased to the outrageously inflammatory has hit us like a whirlwind. For the sheer fun of it we have been collecting these memes, caricatures and political satire pieces from around the world. You are most welcome to contribute ones you have made, been slammed with on facebook or found going viral on twitter.

Remember the rules of satire: It is SUPPOSED to offend, shock and make us laugh. If you are easily offended go back to some serious page debating the inner workings of electoral rules in rural Hungary. For a more serious look at Dirty Campaign Techniques go browse the feature on the topic.

Fresh Political Satire Photos and Memes

The world of politics is still producing a steady flow of memes and political satire photos aimed at David Camerons alleged tax fraud, Donald Trumps supposed plans to rebuild the Death Star, the Brexit Referendum and much else besides.

lying-bastard-david-cameron post-it-back-brexit uk-government-tax-evasion trump-rebuild-the-death-star cameron-assad-resign-satire tory-lies-uk-memes sanders-and-the-pope-tweet bbc-biased-tory-meme be-like-iceland desperate-cameron camerons-wife-taxpayer-fraud tories-doubled-the-national-debt-meme juncker-cameron-immoral anti-bigotry-meme political satire photo

Panama Papers / David Cameron Tax Dodging Memes

The leak of the Panama Papers has taken all the headlines in recent days. Plenty of world leaders have been exposed as having income and wealth stashed away in the notorious tax haven. The Icelandic prime minister has resigned and current leaders such as David Cameron and Vladimir Putin are under fire for their more or less direct links to the scandal.

Obviously the world of political satire and memes has not been long in responding. Cameron is the main target so far. Presumably due to the hypocrisy side to the story, him being very outspoken against tax dodging in general and even naming and shaming British comedian Jimmy Carr for “immoral tax arrangements” whilst as it turns out David Cameron himself held stock in his late fathers Panama based fund.

david-cameron-tax-scam david-cameron-morally-bankrupt david-cameron-tax-haven panama-paperspanama-cameron-morally-wrong

New American Political Satire and Memes

Whilst the UK memes we are getting are overwhelmingly supporting the Leave campaign or attacking the government, the US equivalents are much more diverse. We are seeing taxation is theft memes from Libertarians, Hillary for prison 2016 and anti-Bernie Sanders memes from the right wing, pro and anti gun memes, pro and anti Donald Trump material and much more beside.

american-indian-meme anti-tea-party-economics-meme anti-military-spending pro-bernie-sanders-meme taxation-is-theft trump-written-on-sidewalks uk-vs-us-gunsanti-government-meme daily-kos-anti-trump-meme hillary-for-prison-2016 anti-immigration-mexican terror-meme just-because-you-are-offended-does-not-make-you-right everybody-sucks-2016anti-mass-incarceration


New Brexit Satire Memes

Brexit and UK politic memes are everywhere now that the EU referendum campaigns are heating up. The rhetoric is certainly getting harder too. Fewer pieces of satire attempt to be funny or clever, whilst more and more go directly on the attack. The leave campaign in the UK seems to have a supporter base fond of anti-Turkey and anti-immigration memes with plenty of anti-PM David Cameron material thrown in. Here is a few fresh examples:


we-love-europe-hate-eu useless-twat-david-cameron anti-david-cameron cameron-supports-turkey-in-eu anti-immigration-brexit2

Game Of Thrones vs American Politics

Finally something really funny in the meme world of political satire. At least to dedicated Game Of Thrones fans.

Game Of Thrones vs American Politics Meme

Game Of Thrones vs American Politics Meme

Political Satire Cartoons

Cartoons ridiculing politicians and political satire drawings have a proud history that largely started with print media. These days however you do not need to be official cartoonist at a newspaper to make your pen famous. Amazingly talented political cartoonists roam the social media world with drawn commentary of scandals, political hot-topics and the less fortunate traits of politicians.

We thank our readers profoundly for contributing all of these wonderful political drawing and satirical masterpieces!

Of course, the violence at Donald Trump rallies had to make it to the drawing board along with his lower region anatomy, the Trump ability to pick a sensible supreme court justice and much more besides. In general being a front runner also exposes you to more political satire and Hillary Clinton of course is a target too. In this instance her misfortunes in Benghazi-gate.

trump-rally-cartoon - political satire cartoon

trump-supreme-court-decide - political satire cartoon

hillary-benghazi-cartoon - political satire drawings rubio-vs-trump-cartoon scottish-referendum-meme-political-caricature2 trump-ridicule - politcs satire cartoons2016-presidential-election-cartoon

Donald Trump Builds The Wall

A video is now circulating on facebook, twitter and elsewhere showing a creative mixture of Donald Trump rallies and the fascist rally scene from Pink Floyds The Wall

[KGVID width=”426″ height=”320″]http://www.electomatic.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/trump-builds-the-wall-political-satire-video.mp4[/KGVID]

Donald Trump Builds The Wall. Political Satire Mixing Pink Floyds The Wall and Trump thumbnail 20 Donald Trump Builds The Wall. Political Satire Mixing Pink Floyds The Wall and Trump thumbnail 16 Donald Trump Builds The Wall. Political Satire Mixing Pink Floyds The Wall and Trump thumbnail 17 Donald Trump Builds The Wall. Political Satire Mixing Pink Floyds The Wall and Trump thumbnail 11 Donald Trump Builds The Wall. Political Satire Mixing Pink Floyds The Wall and Trump thumbnail 3 Donald Trump Builds The Wall. Political Satire Mixing Pink Floyds The Wall and Trump thumbnail 15 Donald Trump Builds The Wall. Political Satire Mixing Pink Floyds The Wall and Trump thumbnail 6 Donald Trump Builds The Wall. Political Satire Mixing Pink Floyds The Wall and Trump thumbnail 5 Donald Trump Builds The Wall. Political Satire Mixing Pink Floyds The Wall and Trump thumbnail 13 Donald Trump Builds The Wall. Political Satire Mixing Pink Floyds The Wall and Trump thumbnail 12


The Brexit Campaign – Pulling No Punches

The brexit campaigns for Leave and Remain have gotten up in gear in the UK. It is said that all the enthusiasm is found on the Leave front and certainly on the cartoon, political satire and meme front we see a huge lead for the leave campaigners (not suggesting it is predictive by the way).

Everything from anti-immigration sentiments tied to the need to leave the EU to David Cameron being a traitor is being shared madly on Facebook, Twitter and all the other social networks. Oh and being sent to our overflowing inbox.

anti-cameron-meme cameron-traitor-cartoon head-in-ass-brexit brexit-out-picturebrexit-satire6
save-nhs-leave-eu brexit-satire5 brexit-memeridicule-david-cameron-image


Donald Trump Satire Images

Being the front runner comes with a few perks. Among them is a tsunami of memes, political cartoons and ridiculing facebook images aimed at pulling you off the high horse. Of course, some might say the bully gets what is coming to him. Either way. Today a few Donald Trump memes and satire images.

Trump making Cruz look reasonable. Poking fun at Donald Trumps hands. Bernie Supporters interrupting Trump rallies. Popes weighting in on Donald Trumps faith. The Ku Klux Klan and the somewhat lukewarm denunciation from Donald Trump. It is all covered in the endless amounts of Donald Trump satire images floating the web right now.

Ted cruz meme and trump satire donald-trump-satire - small hands fun picture election-2016-meme - donald trump the last president meme donald-trump-meme - trump makes america hate again

donald-trump-meme6 - trump against the pope donald-trump-meme4 - trump support ku klux klan donald-trump-meme2 donald-trump-meme - trump destroy isis

donald-trump-meme3 - trump drinking game picture

Brexit Political Satire

The British never relent in their political satire. The brexit campaign for a Leave or Remain vote on EU membership is the perfect opportunity. We are literally flooded with contributions of political memes, drawings and cartoons, small attack pieces and pure ridicule. Remember you can follow the state of the Brexit race here.

eu-nazi-meme leave-campaign-satire brexit-satire brexit-satire

The clear front runner in terms of being ridiculed is obviously prime minister David Cameron – some say well deserved after his attempt at striking a better UK Deal with the EU – but Nigel Farage the anti-EU leader of UKIP is high on the list too.



The Supreme Court Satire

Even the nomination for supreme court justice get its fair share of political cartoon satire pieces, meme pictures and attack ads from all sides.

supreme-court-meme2 supreme-court-meme2

Flint and Detroit Satire

If everything is broken, sometimes humor is the only response. Nobody is harder hit than Flint Michigan and Detroit … and few places see more political satire.

american-politics-flint-michigan-meme american-politics-flint-michigan-meme2 american-politics-flint-michigan-meme4 american-politics-flint-michigan-meme2

UK Brexit Referendum Satire

The British simply love their political satire. No election or referendum goes by without a flood of memes, caricatures and crazy facts. It is unclear of such things have any sort of effect on the voting but it seems to be part of the daily routine in the UK to create political satire and attempt to make it go viral on Facebook and Twitter.

We have only just started collecting the Brexit satire piece, but here are a few to get you started. Of course, if you want to know how the actual Leave/Remain status is you are welcome to visit our Brexit Poll Tracker

EU shits on members states satire   tony blair political satire Scottish referendum satire brexit satire

Scottish Referendum Memes

Do NOT mess with the Scottish. They may have lost the referendum to get freedom from the UK. But they fought a hard political satire battle poking fun at everything about the English and their favorite objects of hatred David Cameron and Tony Blair in particular.

scottish-referendum-meme-political-caricature better-together-campaign-meme Scottish-Opposition-Leaders-Meme better-together-campaign-meme2

Political Meme Tracker

All over the world political opinions are expressed in memes in the internet age. Controversial political satire pieces intended to go viral on facebook or twitter. Sent in anonymity to poke at a problem or ridicule an opponent. Political memes are the new, sometimes quite annoying, face of internet campaigns.

North America Prior To Illegal Immigration Donald Trump dumb supporters satire Politics - The Illusion of free choice - Political Satire american-politics-meme

2016 Presidential Election - Political Meme Trump vs Cruz political Satire Rapefugees - Refugee Crisis in europe - Political satire meme Scottish-Opposition-Leaders-Meme

Contribute Memes and Political Satire

We welcome all contributions of political satire, memes and cartoons. If you feel something is listed in error please do report it as well, we do not always know the original source of submitted material but we will remove it immediately if requested to do so.

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