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Corona: Denmark vs Sweden

It is indeed weird seeing the difference in response to the Corona-virus in Denmark and Sweden … in DK the military guards the border, schools are closed, emergency measures and shutdowns everywhere

… in Sweden people are queuing up to go in droves to our local skisports resort, the schools are open, gatherings with hundreds of people are allowed to take place, nobody knows the number of infected as they have officially stopped testing anyone but the most obvious cases – and so, life goes on unaffected


Well at first glance it could simply be a weak government afraid of missteps in Sweden. Thus trying the easiest path past the problems, avoiding blame and responsibility. Could be.

If I had my sinister conspiracy theory glasses on I might start guessing at way worse reasons for slow, incompetent, insufficient responses and a complete lack of governmental leadership … but hey, it might turn out that Denmark (and most other countries) overreacted and the menace will be gone in a couple of weeks….could be.

Anyway, if it all goes wrong theres fish in the river and deer in the forest 

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