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Op-ed by Jake F.  Electoral fraud in the United States. What exactly is it, does it happen, and what can we do to rectify...

Op-ed by Jake F. 

Electoral fraud in the United States. What exactly is it, does it happen, and what can we do to rectify the problem? Electoral fraud or vote rigging is defined as “illegal interference with the process of an election. Acts of fraud affect vote counts to bring about an election result, whether by increasing the vote share of the favored candidate, depressing the vote share of the rival candidates, or both.”

This unfortunate act of fraud does indeed happen and in the United States, far too often. To brush up on the history of electoral fraud, let’s take a look into the not so distant past in the Gore vs Bush Presidential election of the year 2000. The race between the two actually showed Bush at a narrow but significant lead over Gore. However, predictions of Republican strength due to the impeachment issues of the current President actually began to backfire and lean toward Gore since his platform claimed to not give tax breaks to the wealthy and cut domestic social spending. It was actually Gore that taken popularity over the industrial states of the North while Bush had the South and Southeast of the country which lead the deciding vote to fall on Florida. Keep in mind that Jeb, George W.’s brother, was governor of Florida. It came out that the popular vote sided clearly and by a vast margin Al Gore but it was the Bush’s campaign acted swiftly with intimidation to the television networks power brokers with the message that Florida would serve to be “won” by Bush. Mysteriously the networks backed down and took back their announcement of Gore’s success and stated it was “undecided”. We all know the end result from there.

Primary Voters Waiting In Line - Voter Fraud By Waiting ?

Primary Voters Waiting In Line – Voter Fraud By Waiting ? By Jim.henderson

Voter Fraud in Democratic Primary Arizona ?

Need a recent example of voter fraud? How about Hilary Clinton in her big “win” in Arizona? How did she do it? Russian Insider reported,

“The key to Clinton’s strategy in Arizona was early voting. In Arizona, around 70% of voters cast their ballot by mail. Why is this important? Because of the 297,714 voters who have already cast their ballots—174,706 were female, 59 percent of the total early Democratic vote. The breakdown of early Democratic voters by gender and age is shown below. The early vote by women is dominated by older age groups. Voters under 30 account for only 7 percent of Democratic early voters compared to 41 percent for the over 65 crowd. The large number of women, particularly older women, who have already cast Democratic ballots, is a good sign for Hillary Clinton….Hillary’s plan to steal Arizona was remarkably simple: Suppress voting on election day, and rely on her large lead with early voters to secure a win.”

There was even people still standing in line when Hillary was declared the winner, as AZCENTRAL Tweeted, “VOTING UPDATE: Hundreds still in line as #Arizona polls close http://azc.cc/1RyiLs3

There was also large droves of people who returned thoroughly upset because they were denied a chance to vote at all! How so, you ask? Apparently many voter’s registrations were “mixed up” and scores of registered Democrats found themselves suddenly registered as Independents which meant of course they could not vote since they were not officially registered as Democrats. Not to mention there was a need to evacuate people out of the building due to a strangely convenient bomb threat. With all of these disruptions and interference with voting it somehow played into Hillary’s benefit. Gee, isn’t that lucky for her?

Long Voting Lines For Primaries

Long Voting Lines For Primaries By April Sikorski

How To Stop Voter Suppression

So what can be done? Can we even stop this and how do we know that efforts and strategies to stop it or not just elaborate plans to further perpetuate voter fraud? Well, when illegal crap hits the fan, lawfully make the fan bigger and stronger to blow the crap right back in the face of the fraudster! What I mean is first.

  1. We need to look at the current laws that are in place to hinder voter fraud and lawfully widen their scope.
  2. Where ever a state is holding an important election there needs to be a thorough investigation with unbiased teams checked for past track record of even the appearance of corruption.
  3. Why not go all the way and make voter fraud a Federal crime and vigorously enforce laws that bind under penalty of vast fines up to and possibly including imprisonment.
  4. It wouldn’t hurt to create some sort of database that keep track of criminal voters and criminal election ballot hosts.
  5. Simplify the ballots! No complicated forms or punch cards but regular paper forms to check a name and turn in. Or if it is an electronic ballot caster, then have the program run extensively through maintenance checks for ballot errors.
  6. It would also be great to see noisy journalists flocking to every major election location looking for the next scoop who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is when they see it! I say, the more whistle-blowers, the better!

But is all this realistic? Yes! Yes it is. It just needs to be of bigger concern to us so that we may altogether, regardless of party affiliation, bang on the doors of the Department of Justice, Capitol Hill, and hell why not, the White House to send a message, “WE WANT A FAIR ELECTION! PERIOD!”

Bernie Sanders Calls Out Arizona Voting Process, Discusses Primary Results

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Dont Sell Your Vote - Voter Fraud

Dont Sell Your Vote – Voter Fraud