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Albanian Election 2017 are fast approaching. The Albanian elections which will be held within a few months this 2017 are going to have a...

Albanian Election 2017 are fast approaching. The Albanian elections which will be held within a few months this 2017 are going to have a huge impact in the political makeover of this prolonged transitional phase which Albania has been experiencing this 25 years. Since the fall of communism this small country in southeastern Europe has faced constant political and social upheavals which have led the country several times at the brink of destruction. Inefficient policies, corruption within the elites, and organized crime have been one of the main problems which the Albanian society had to go throw in these 25 years of transition.

The elections therefore this year have taken a considerable interest by the international players who are on the midst of a “political war” with the corrupt elites who are not willing to leave their position of power. Their endemic nets of corruption after 25 years had started to consolidate and take shape, therefore seriously putting in risk the European future of this small Mediterranean nation in the heart of Europe.

Albanian Election 2017

Albanian Election 2017 – By Albinfo

Albanian Election 2017 – Continued Faith ?

The current government is led by a large collation of the leftist parties, mainly Socialist Party, and the Socialist movement for Integration (Levizja Socialiste per Integrim LSI). They took power in 2013 amid great hopes and promises, the people voted their political program in an absolute majority making this government the first in 25 years to have the absolute number of seats within the parliament (2/3 of all seats in parliament). However, 4 years later the situation hasn’t changed much. Efforts were made by the government to reinstate the rule of law in many lawless aspects of Albanian society like energy, and illegal housing.

It has almost completely reorganized the Police turning it again into efficient force capable of protecting and safeguarding the live of the citizens. However, there are many doubts concerning the involvement of senior political figures of the coalition government in organized crime and drug cartels. This is a serious accusation which has left many to doubt the good will and intentions of this government. The public administration more than anything has been sparked by inefficiency, corruption within its ranks and a general “rough and harsh” treatment towards its citizens. Although the Prime minister itself is a popular figure, the inefficacy of his cabinet has left for the public a big question mark on whether he should be re-elected for a second term or not.

Albania Elections 2017

The Albanian Opposition

The opposition is led by the Democratic party, who is currently leading a coalition of right wing political movements which sparked after the regime collapse back in the early 1990s. After 8 years in power, amidst endemic corruption and inefficiency the people gave a punishing vote which sended the DP in opposition and opened the way for a new and refreshed government.

The opposition has been trying ever since to regain its tarnished reputation which almost crumbled after a second 4-year mandate which proved to be disastrous. However even in opposition the Democratic party could not find the proper strength to reorganize its structures and to open it to intellectuals and new elites, instead the same people who potentially destroyed their reputation in the first place now are in leading party positions. The opposition although being stiff has been mainly inefficient, it has even been accused by the international embassies allocated in Tirana to have been intentionally blocking the currently undergoing justice reform.

It is rather unclear who will win the elections but one thing is certain, Albania is passing into a very delicate phase which will have serious re precautions for the future to come. The people are increasingly losing faith in both the government and the opposition creating a general atmosphere of uncertainty and distrust which if not controlled may lead to dangerous chains of events in the near future.

Albanian Election 2017

Albanian Election 2017 – By MSzybalski