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Trump is winning. If someone in the GOP has the clout to do so he should get Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and John Kasich in the same room. Sit them down, lock the door and not let them leave until they have agreed to a pack going:

We all endorse Marco Rubio for president, John Kasich for Vice president and Jeb Bush for secretary of state. We announce it now and campaign from now till november together. This model brings Florida (Rubio and Bush) and Ohio (Kasich) within reach in the general – and combined the 3 candidates have a current support of around 30%, but combined their ceiling will likely be a lot higher plus they will have several super PACs and tons of establishment endorsements at hand. This way, they can stop Trump. Maybe. But it would have to happen well before super tuesday.

Sad for them. It will not happen. So they will just have to keep brawling against eachother to be the anti-Trump whilst the Donald himself collects delegates.

Hillary needs to eliminate this Bernie guy from the race. She clearly “won” the pre-South Carolina debate against him, she will win the primary and the nomination too. But, he is already hurting her for the general election.

The problem is not that he is being negative or nasty, in fact he is being old buffoony uncle about it all. But, he does force her to defend herself against the left flank non-stop. Leaving Bernie with all the enthuiast idealists in his camp, leaving him yelling progressive things and her having to be the moderate voice of reason non-stop. It would be much better for to argue the other way – whilst building an enthusiastic nationwide base of activists of her own.

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