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Jeb Bush made a final play for getting momentum in what has been an incredibly difficult campaign for him. He has been in the crowded establishment field all along. But with a clear advantage – money! Jeb Bush has unlimited funds in his campaign and Right To Rise super PAC, but despite pouring millions of dollars into New Hampshire and Iowa.

Now the time has come for the South Carolina primary. And yet again Jeb Bush is spending big. Campaigning hard. And trailing in 4th or 5th in the polls. Way behind Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in 1st and second but worse, in most polls he is behind his competitor for establishment candidate Marco Rubio. In a few polls he has even trailed a John Kasich notoriously ill fitted for South Carolina.

With all this in mind Jeb Bush made his final play: George W Bush ! After years away from the spotlight president 43 joined his little brother for a rally in South Carolina – along with Laura Bush by the way. For the occasion George W. Bush gave one of the most inspired and humorous speeches I ever remember from him, the crowds were huge and happy, Jeb Bush seemed more energized than ever during campaign and the whole vibe made you think – could Jeb be this seasons comeback kid ?

In fact he could! On average Jeb Bush is 3-5% behind Rubio in the polls. And the comeback requires only a third place ahead of Marco Rubio. After such a third place Jeb Bush could get his supporters to start calling for Marco Rubio, John Kasich and Ben Carson to drop out. To narrow the field and accumulate moderate support. Trump and Cruz? Well they will come 1st and 2nd but that will actually only help Jeb Bush in a comeback effort as it makes moderates and establishment GOPs all the more eager to unite against the two frontrunners.

But if Jeb Bush comes 4th or 5th in South Carolina its lights out. Maybe he wont admit it instantly. Maybe he will battle on through super tuesday. But he wont be the republican nominee and he will be the one called upon to drop out.

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