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Ready for a long night of following the Iowa caucus.
…and whichever way the democrats vote tonight Hillary Clinton is gonna be their candidate. There´ll be plenty of talk about how competitive and exciting the race is but Sanders doesnt have a hope in hell when it comes to counting delegates in the end.

…Sanders is no Obama. Sadly, neither is Hillary. She´s about as dull, lacking in visions and carrying in nasty luggage as it gets … but she´ll still be the nominate. If she becomes president is probably a matter of who the republicans run against her – shes weak and nothingy enough to beat – but it might take someone not entirely fanatically demented (so that rules out Cruz, Trump, Huckabee, Santorum and so forth) … so, tonight its Rubio vs Bush vs Kasich vs Christie … and alot of republicans prolly wont really care so long as at least 2 of those drop out shortly … and if they all fail and Cruz/Trump are the last men standing, Hillary can have an early zip of that champagne.

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