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The Hillary Clinton Campaign – Strange Self-Belittling

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders met in a CNN debate following the Michigan surprise win for the latter. And prior to the important March 15 round of primaries. The debate had a special focus on Hispanic issues with parts of the debate being in Spanish. That is all interesting but the debate gave a peculiar insight in the Hillary Clinton Campaign and what we might term a strange self-belittling by the former secretary of state.

The debate started in a friendly tone. Bait was thrown to Bernie Sanders to go on the attack on the issue of the private email server setup by Hillary Clinton. Sanders presidentially stayed above the fray. Basically saying: We have big problems in this country, here is a list of them, shut up about irrelevant mudslinging topics. It worked well. It looked good. It looked presidential.

What did Hillary Clinton do ?

She started taking more cheap shots. Her weakest moment in the previous debate was to claim Sanders was against helping automotive workers in Michigan. On this evening in Florida she did it again. Repeatedly. Claiming Bernie Sanders was not standing on the side of immigrants. Claiming Bernie Sanders supported vigilante minute men. Yet again claiming he does not stand with automotive workers. And several more.

Why should Hillary Clinton stay away from such attacks? Well for starters, not a single uncommitted person could possibly believe them. They sound like cheap shots, they sound like nasty little chirps taken out of context, they sound like traditional politicians drama with no substance. The only effect of attacking Bernie Sanders from the left is to make herself look like a petty politician, a cheap shot artist and less trustworthy. Exactly what she does not need. And entirely unnecessary.

Hillary Clinton Campaigning for President 2016

Hillary Clinton Campaigning for President 2016 By Phil Roeder

A Better Political Message For Hillary Clinton ?

Hillary Clinton is winning. Big. Bernie Sanders is way behind and his only chance at this point is to use a fairly sizable minority of delegates to influence the policy at the convention. He can not win. It is pure delegate math. Whoever advised Hillary Clinton to panic about Michigan and react by attacking Bernie Sanders with cheap shots need demoting to coffee-fetcher in the campaign.

She could have played it grand and smart.

When Bernie Sanders yells free college tuition. Hillary answers: “I will fight for everyone getting a good education. Bernies promises might be a bit lofty and difficult to keep, but we agree about the goal“.

When Bernie Sanders yells lets be nicer to illegal immigrants. Hillary stays far away from attacking him and answers: “America was made great by the immigrants we all have as forefathers. I stand with everyone who wants to work in and for America. This is why I have a plan to stop deportations and give every hardworking and lawful immigrant a path to citizenship. 

Instead of making silly claims about Sanders supporting vigilante minute-men chasing immigrants at the border with Mexico Hillary says: When Donald Trump and Ted Cruz tries to play to peoples fears. When they use racism and prejudices to create a divided America. When Republicans want to round up people and send them away in cattle-trains. I can only say Stop. Do not believe the fear mongers. In a storm some candidates want to build walls, others want to build windmills. My windmill is a path to citizenship, humane and respectful treatment of all regardless of ancestry, legal jobs for immigrants and a safe future for everyone in America“.

When Bernie yells release the speech transcripts Hillary pulls them out of her handbag and replies: Yes, here they are. I believe in transparency. The republicans do not. Donald Trump still havent shown us his tax returns. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Donald Trump still have not shown us the transcripts of their private speeches. And do you remember what happened the last time a Republican candidate had his private speeches exposed? Mitt Romney was exposed pouring scorn on 47% of Americans. I suspect Donald Trumps private speeches will show him having nothing but scorn for anyone but the top 1% of Americans who plays golf at his billionaire clubs.

Hillary Clinton has every chance of changing to a better political message painting her as a trustworthy and solid choice for president. Attacking Bernie Sanders with irrelevant cheap shots does exactly the opposite.

Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign

Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign By Jake Bucci

The Hillary Clinton Campaign

The Hillary Clinton campaign has a problem. But it is not called Bernie Sanders. As discussed before Hillary Clinton really needs Bernie Sanders to stay in the race to keep the Democratic race in focus, to have someone to debate, to have someone harmless to ping pong political issues with. Taking cheap shots at a harmless opponent belittles nobody but Hillary herself.

Instead. Tailor messages that embraces Bernie Sanders. Agree with most of his goals (as in fact she does). But stay presidential. Stay above the fray. Gently point out that his methods of achieving the political goals might not be realistic, but that the goals are valid and worth fighting for none the less. She could even offer him a place in the government in a new “End Poverty in America” capacity or similar.

So. Hillary. You can not help winning the nomination. But if you want to win in November stop running on petty cheap shots. Rise up. And start drawing the contrast to Donald Trump and the rest of the Republican field. Now is the perfect time to do it as Hillary Clintons position as nominee is safe, whereas the republicans still have months of internal fighting to come.

The Hillary Clinton strategy should not be about winning an exchange with Bernie Sanders that will be forgotten in seconds. Or worse. Strengthen a picture of her as untrustworthy and petty. Instead. Play the slightly longer political campaign game, slightly more dignified messaging. And improve those critical perceptions in the process.

Hillary Clinton Campaign 2016

Hillary Clinton Campaign 2016 By Hillary for Iowa

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The democrats have reached Super Tuesday 2016. The battle for delegates will be fierce between establishment front-runner Hillary Clinton and revolutionary left-wing socialist Bernie Sanders. Democratic super Tuesday will be a nail biter. Hillary Clinton can effectively end the race with a resounding victory or Bernie Sanders may become the latest comeback kid with a strong showing spelling a long democratic primary season still ahead.

For explanations of delegate math, primary and caucus types and the like – have a look at our Republican Super Tuesday feature. It has all the details. Today, we will get straight on with the primaries, caucuses and the candidates for the democrats! Unlike the republican primaries and caucuses, the democrats generally use proportional awarding of delegates – meaning say a 60% victory in a state gives you around 60% of the delegates. As such, victory margins are more important in the Democratic primaries than in most Republican ones.

Democratic Super Tuesday

The Democratic Primary states on super tuesday 2016 are Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia. There will be democratic caucuses in American Samoa, Colorado and Minnesota – check here for the latest primary opinion polls for Super Tuesday and beyond.

Combined Hillary has a big lead. The Super Delegates are heavily in her favor. But they can be swayed. To do so Bernie Sanders needs a commanding Super Tuesday. He might be happy to stay in the race to spread the socialist word, but if he is to be the nominee, the democratic super tuesday is his last chance for a comeback. He will win Vermont. He needs several more. Can Hillary fight him off? The polls says she can. But they have been wrong before.

The delegates and the states at stake:

Alabama Democratic Primary
53 delegates in an open primary.
Alabama Superdelegates: 7 – Currently Pledged: Clinton 3, Sanders 0

American Samoa Caucus
6 delegates in a closed caucus.
American Samoa Superdelegates: 5 – Currently Pledged: Clinton 4, Sanders 1

Arkansas Democratic Primary
32 delegates in an open primary.
Arkansas Superdelegates: 5 – Currently Clinton 5, Sanders 0

Colorado Caucus
66 delegates in a closed caucus.
Colorado Superdelegates: 13 – Currently Pledged: Clinton 10, Sanders 0

Georgia Democratic Primary
102 delegates in an open primary.
Georgia Superdelegates: 15 – Currently Clinton 11, Sanders 0

Massachusetts Democratic Primary
91 delegates in an semi-closed primary.
Massachusetts Superdelegates: 25 – Currently Clinton 17, Sanders 1

Minnesota Caucus
77 delegates in a open caucus.
Minnesota Superdelegates: 16 – Currently Pledged: Clinton 11, Sanders 1

Oklahoma Democratic Primary
38 delegates in an semi-closed primary.
Oklahoma Superdelegates: 4 – Currently Clinton 1, Sanders 1

Tennessee Democratic Primary
67 delegates in an open primary.
Tennessee Superdelegates: 9 – Currently Clinton 6, Sanders 0

Texas Democratic Primary
222 delegates in an open primary.
Texas Superdelegates: 29 – Currently Clinton 17, Sanders 0

Vermont Democratic Primary
16 delegates in an open primary.
Tennessee Superdelegates: 10 – Currently Clinton 4, Sanders 2

Virginia Democratic Primary
95 delegates in an open primary.
Virginia Superdelegates: 14 – Currently Clinton 11, Sanders 0

The Democratic Candidates

Only two candidates are left in the democratic race. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. As things stand all doubt about the eventual nominee could be wiped out on SEC Tuesday. Basically, the Nevada and South Carolina victories for Hillary Clinton has given her a momentum that if carried will give her a commanding lead after tuesday making further efforts from Bernie Sanders fruitless in terms of winning.

On the other hand, the democratic super tuesday is the perfect time for a resounding comeback from Bernie Sanders. If it is to happen. Several northern states are in play, including his home state Vermont. This is where he needs to show magnificent strength and then pull an upset or two. Then he is back in the running.

Democratic Super Tuesday is upon us. Who needs to win where? Is Bernie still in the running? Can Hillary do a clean sweep? Read our predictions below. The republicans might be louder. But the Democrats still have an interesting race. Follow it right here.

Need to win states: Make or break states for the candidate. Losing here is potentially campaign ending.
Should win states: States the candidate should win to be on track for the nomination according to their strengths and strategies
Favored to win states: States the candidate ought to win based on opinion polling and demographics
Might win states: States the candidate might grab on a good day
Look out for: The little important bits to keep an eye out for.

Hillary Clinton

Need to win states: Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas
Should win states: Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Virginia, Alabama, Colorado, Minnesota, Samoa
Favored to win states: All of them – except Vermont
Might win states:
Look out for: Basically Hillary Clinton is competitive everywhere except Vermont. Keep an eye on her numbers with blue collar Democrats, white males. She needs to do a clean sweep of the South. The more she grabs in the North, the shorter the race will be (Bernie Sanders might well stay in the race even if he is beaten badly, but the race for the win will be over. He will be staying to get his message out).

Hillary Clinton Campaign

Hillary Clinton Campaign By Gage Skidmore

Bernie Sanders

Need to win states: Vermont
Should win states: For a northern path to victory to work he should win Massachuchetts, Minnesota and be competitive in several other places like Colorado, Oklahoma and Virginia.
Favored to win states: Vermont
Might win states: On a good day Sanders picks up Oklahoma, Colorado, Massachuchetts, Minnesota and maybe even Georgia. Such a miraculous day would require serious momentum though. It isnt on the cards.
Look out for: Super Tuesday is decisive for the future of the Sanders campaign. Is he running to win or running to get his message out. He needs to beat all expectations to continue a run for the win. Otherwise, he can choose to drop out. Or stay to grab the podium. Look out for his performance in his favored Northern States. Check if he has finally broken into the black american voter segment – though, after his trashing in South Carolina that seems unlikely.

Bernie Sanders Campaign

Bernie Sanders Campaign By Bart Everson

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