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So … today Donald Trump decided it would be a wise move to pick a public fight with… the pope.

Yes, Trump found it ingenious to attack the pope for praying for dead illegal immigrants and holding mass on the border to Mexico … the pope answered:

A person who thinks only about building walls and not about building bridges is not a christian, it is not in the gospel, and im not saying to vote for this guy or that guy, i am simply saying that this guy is not a christian if he has said those things

This is what we call a divine smackdown !

…and what does it mean for the race? Well, so far every round of mudwrestling has been an advantage for Donald Trump. He has been pure teflon. Nothing annoys his voters. But. This time he may have taken one step too far – time will tell, but catholics tend to be rather proud of their new progressive pope and there are A LOT of republican catholics soon headed to vote in the primaries across the country … time will tell !

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